Drinking from the Same Cup – Story #4 – Damien

My first memories of ACET would be from 1999 when I was introduced to the work they do through my wife, Janette. I was a bit sceptical at first as I had never met anyone from ACET, but Janette assured me their motives were pure. By then, I knew ACET were Christians working by exampleship, not pushing hell and damnation on their clients.

Over the proceding years I got to know the work ACET does, the compassion and love that was shown to our family by any staff member that has worked with us and the non-judgemental manner in which we were always approached. This has been a major influence on our lives, and because the love of Jesus is the driving force, we are blessed to be involved with this wonderful ministry of example and love.

Through the work of volunteers in and with ACET over the years, we (myself and my family) have been blessed. If it wasn’t for the faithfulness of some volunteers putting and keeping their hand to the plough, I do not believe we could have seen the faithfulness of God as it manifested in our lives. One man in particular, Toss, a good and faithful servant has constantly shown me the example of who we should strive to be like.

No matter what madness was taking place over the ‘wilderness years’ he was always there, just being a friend, never judging, always doing what he says he will do. The volunteers of ACET over the 12 years I have been directly involved with them, have always been there, willing to do what they can to help. I thank God for the friends I have now because of this wonderful work.


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