5 Reasons to go to ♫4HIV


1) Philip McKinley

Our Family Support worker is a incredible performer, musician and an all round great guy. You will have a fantastic time with this founding member of Discovery Gospel Choir as he shares some incredible songs.977683_10151720655813933_2015677669_o






2) Third Space

This really is a special place. Yes the food is great and the staff are wonderful but there is something special happening here as a new sort of community space is opened up. Smithfield Square on a summer’s evening will be spectacular.






3) Ridiculously good raffle prizes.

It’s easy to name drop the Savoy, Cineworld, Talbot101, LoveIreland, Eason’s and Claddagh Records but our favourite is local designer Jennifer Slattery. Yes some of her amazing work is up for grabs.






4) Drinking from the Same Cup

Free copies of the book will be there to take away but the highlight will actually be some new creative expressions of our story performed on stage and making an impact around the world in ways that have even surprised the ACET Staff.


Yes all funds go to our fantastic work around the city. In addition Third Space are launching an exciting new venture in partnership with ACET but you will have to head down to Smithfiled to hear more about it.

So see you all on Saturday 8th June at 7:30pm in Smithfield Square, Dublin.



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